help i’ve fallen and i don’t want to get up (accidents happen for a reason)

you make me feel
high. and not the kind of high
that any sort of drug can

it’s this floating giddy
dizzying soaring
can’t-get-me-down feeling.
i can’t put my finger on it
but it’s nice

i am drunk on your smile
and inhaling your voice
into my lungs and
maybe i’ll die from the
happiest form of cancer
that could exist.

in my veins
in my brain
it feels insane
how suddenly you came

into my life.

maybe it was an accident.
maybe there was another girl
and i happened to cross your path
of sight
and cupid’s arrow struck you a millisecond
too late. 
you fell-
you fell so hard 
and landed on the concrete
with a solid smack
and it whacked your senses out
the window.

i fell too-
i wasn’t supposed to fall but damn i fell
just as hard
i landed beside you
and the cracks in the pavement
weave together and we are both now stuck
in a concrete web
of infatuation.

maybe it was an accident.
but sometimes accidents are good. 

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May 04
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