Blue Team Face Claims

because I was bored also if you’re curious who the actors are click on their pictures

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July 25
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July 25


Rim driving. Marble canyon by kevinrussmobile on Flickr.

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July 25
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July 25


please give $1 or more to help me research GEM DISEASE

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How I look in the mirror


How I look in pictures


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July 25

Thanks for joining us everyone. Private Ganouche and I were given the task of editting down all of the footage from your training session.

We took what we believed to be some of the more… eye opening moments from today’s events in hope’s that they might help you stratagize in the future.

Like a highlight reel?

Like a reel.

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is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to yeah fuck he’s got a knife everyone run

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my friend asked me to draw him caboose for his new ipod background SO HERE HE IS HOPE YOU LIKE IT DUDE

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July 25