Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator living in Edinburgh having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009.

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August 22
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August 22


ppl always ask me “”what are you going to do with your degree”“ and “"if you wanna get a PHD how do you plan on paying for it"" and ""where are you gonna move after college"" but here is the thing:

i am very powerful and cute and im gonna float through this world one day at a time. please leave me alone. 

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August 22
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flowers in night wind, Anacortes, Wash., June 25th, 2013

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these kids are real cute

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If Elton John were a cat.



Dean Denney

Anonymous Tattoo

Savannah, GA

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August 22

Your Kiss


Do you love me?
Do you want me?
Am I all you wished?
Am I a beauty?
Are you happy?
The answer’s in your kiss.

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August 22