#123 Eugénie Archambault

#123 of 200 images that have made the IYL Showcase shortlist. We’ll be posting 2 images/day in the run up to the London Showcase (October 23rd) when the final 20 images will be announced and presented as chosen by the showcase jury..


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September 23


by Laura Jayne

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September 23


Ladybug fun 🐞

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September 23
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September 23


Paper dolls by Maki Hino

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September 23
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September 23


doge’s palace + bridge of sighs

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September 23



i want to write a movie about a girl with depression who meets a boy and they become friends and thats it. he’s just another friend. she goes to therapy and learns to love herself and saves herself. because thats how it happens. thats real life. you’re the hero. you can save yourself. 

i love this. 

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September 23


We moved into a new place this week and I finally have a decent studio again!

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September 23
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"Monkey Heart" by Ben Mirov

Pick it up.
Consider it a machine.
Put it down.
Remember you need it.
Go back to where you left it.
Airport terminal, donut shop,
seventh grade. Are you scared?
It’s ok. So am I.
Take a wet rag.
Put it on your head.
Let’s retrace your steps.
Do you love your wife?
Is she made of dolphins?
I love my fucking life.
Even my secrets
and the terrible things I’ve done.
They’re like small smooth stones
in a green plastic bottle
with no label. What were we doing?
Driving down a long dark street?
Does it feel exactly right?
Little fist that pumps the blood.

From “Hider Roser”

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September 23